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Социальная ответственность учёных и научное сотрудничество
Ротблатовские научные чтения
50-летие Манифеста Рассела - Эйнштейна (2005)
50-летие Пагуошского движения ученых (2007)
100-летие сэра Джозефа Ротблата (1908-2005)
55-летие Манифеста Рассела - Эйнштейна (2010)
Межрегиональный Пагуошский симпозиум в Грозном (2010)
80-летие председателя Комитета академика Ю.А. Рыжова (2010 г.)
25-летие аварии на Чернобыльской АЭС (2011)
55 лет Пагуошскому движению учёных, 1957-2012
Академик Михаил Дмитриевич МИЛЛИОНЩИКОВ (1913-1973)
60-я Пагуошская конференция, Стамбул, Турция, 2013 год
60-летие Манифеста Рассела - Эйнштейна (2015)
61-я Пагуошская конференция, Нагасаки, Япония, 2015 год
60 лет Пагуошскому движению и Пагуошскому комитету РАН, 2017
62-я Пагуошская конференция, Астана, Казахстан, 2017 год
Пагуошские мероприятия, состоявшиеся в 2018 году
Пагуошские мероприятия, состоявшиеся в 2019 году
Пагуошские мероприятия, состоявшиеся в 2020 году
63-я Пагуошская конференция, Доха, Катар, 2023 год

Российская академия наук

Президиум РАН

63-я Пагуошская конференция учёных

Михаил Дмитриевич
(1913 - 1973), президент
Пагуошского движения ученых, председатель
Советского Пагуошского комитета

Юбилейные проекты Пагуошского центра по исследованию мира - The Pugwash Peace Exchange Jubilee Events

July 2nd -- All Day

Pugwash Peace Exchange "Peace Cafe"

Pugwash Gathering of the Clans

Need some extra fuel for all the fun of the Gathering of the Clans? It'll be the biggest year yet as Pugwash celebrates its 200th birthday, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Pugwash Conferences. Come to the Pugwash Village Commission for lobster rolls, sandwiches, sweets and more! T-shirts and PPE notecards will also be for sale.  


July 5 -- 7:30pm

International Disarmament Discussion

"From Cyrus Eaton to Joseph Rotblat: Creating the Path to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World"

Pugwash District High School

Have you ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" and hear international experts in a behind-the-scenes discussion on peace and nuclear disarmament? Now's your chance!

The participants in this discussion are:

 Lieutenant-General the Honourable Romeo Dallaire, our Honourary Patron and the past commander of the United Nations Observer Mission -- Uganda and Rwanda 

Marian Hobbs, a member of Parliament for Wellington Central in New Zealand and the Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control, who led off the general debate at the 2005 review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in New York.

Jayantha Dhanapala, a former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs, and a former Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UN Office in Geneva and to the USA.

This event is free of charge and open to the public, so be sure to attend, bring your friends, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear some of the world's foremost experts on peace and their vision for our future!

July 7 -- 2:00 pm

Pugwash Masonic Lodge

14 Victoria Street, Pugwash

Presentation by Sandra Butcher, Director of the Pugwash History Project.

"What Pugwash Means to the World"


First considered a hoax, Cyrus Eaton’s invitation to host the meeting of scientists from East and West, called for in the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, helped to set in motion events that reshaped the course of the nuclear age, and made the world a safer place. The hospitality of Eaton and the townspeople of Pugwash fostered exactly the right environment at exactly the right time, and a new form of ‘transnational’ organisation was launched. The name Pugwash is now synonymous internationally with scientific responsibility, integrity, and the pursuit of peaceful resolution to conflicts. This talk will trace the events that led from Pugwash 1957 to the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, and will provide anecdotes from this amazing history.


This presentation is free of charge and open to the public. We hope to see you there!



July 7 - 5:30pm


Second Annual "Feisd Na Sithe" (Dinner of Peace)

Pugwash District High School, 192 Church Street


(Sorry, this event is now sold out.)


Come join us for a traditional lobster buffet!


Featuring special guest, the Mayor of Hiroshima and President of Mayors for Peace, Tadatoshi Akiba.

Also featuring Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Peter MacKay, the Premier of Nova Scotia, the Hon. Rodney MacDonald and the Pugwash Peace Exchange's Honourary Patron, Lieutenant-General the Hon. Romeo Dallaire.


Reception and Silent Auction to start.



 July 8 - 9:15 am to 4:00 pm



Communicating the Urgency of Nuclear Disarmament

(Pugwash District High School, Village of Pugwash,  Nova Scotia)



This is a free public forum to develop a plan to communicate the urgency of universal nuclear disarmament. The forum will begin with a discussion about nuclear disarmament from international experts followed by a working group session between experts and audience members. The public is encouraged to participate and discuss how we can communicate the urgency of nuclear disarmament and work together for world peace.


With an awareness that staged universal nuclear disarmament is mandatory as an international goal and with a a focus on the Canadian perspective, we will develop a new Call to Canadians.


Come for the morning, the afternoon, or all day!


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