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2005 Report from International Student / Young Pugwash

By Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

The second half of 2005 was a period marked by the consolidation of International Student/Young Pugwash’s (ISYP) standing projects, in particular, the annual ISYP Conference and the ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs. The nature and outcomes of these are briefly described below in the context of other overarching events.

During the 21st and 22nd of July 2005, 30 students and young professionals from 16 countries gathered in Hiroshima, Japan, as part of the 2005 ISYP Conference, “Engaging a new generation for peace.” Aimed at addressing the complex theoretical and practical features of human security, the conference provided a forum in which young professionals discussed the means by which solutions to global problematiques might be achieved. As has become the tradition, the ISYP Conference also included spaces for reflecting on modern conflicts. Such was the case of the Sir Joseph Rotblat Symposium, which focused on ways of engaging civil society in the quest for nuclear disarmament. As an the outcomes of the 2005 Conference, the Executive Board of ISYP produced a Vision Statement which synthesises the aims of the Student Pugwash community as well as its relation to the overall Pugwash tradition.

In December 2005, the print version of the ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs was presented to the Pugwash community. Dedicated to the memory of Sir Joseph Rotblat – a close friend and supporter of Student Pugwash – the electronic edition of the ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs was also made available at www.scienceandworldaffairs.org. By including articles which touch upon topics ranging from biotechnology and the social responsibility of scientists to non-proliferation and regional security, the ISYP Journal is a forum in which both young and established scholars can present their views on a number of timely issues.

In parallel to the evolution of these projects, the composition of the Executive Board of ISYP has also experienced some important changes. As part of the normal renewal process of ISYP’s Board, Arthur Petersen (The Netherlands) and Moira Goodfellow (Canada) left the Executive Board of ISYP in October 2005. As of December 2005, the composition of the ISYP Board is: Jessy Cowan-Sharp (Canada), Rian Leith (South Africa), Irna van der Molen (The Netherlands), Wakana Mukai (Japan), Nagappan Parasuraman (India), Benjamin Rusek (USA), and Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (Mexico). An organising committee for the 2006 ISYP Conference has also been established, consisting of the ISYP Executive Board and Inas Ezz and Karim Kadry (Egypt).


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